Monday, January 24, 2011

Cookie Cake!

My best friend came up with this great idea. I'm sure someone has tried this once before because it's amazing!!
I made Carrot Cake Cookies today! 

Then I frosted them with cream cheese frosting creating an irresistible taste that just leaves you wanting more!

Of course I didn't make up the recipe. My dad gave it to me to make because it's his favorite type of cake. Good thing I didn't mess this one up like the cake I tried to make on his birthday... that was a mess.
From the recipe that makes the cake I was able to make 1, 9 inch round cake and 36 cookies.
This frosting has lumps in it because the cream cheese I worked with wasn't defrosted all the way. It tasted the same.
I can't wait to try another type of cake cookie! I think I want to try to make cheese cake bites next... hmm...

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