Thursday, October 7, 2010

This looks like a nice picture

Spaghetti Puttanesca with Flaked Tuna
I flipped through the cookbook and landed on this colorful, delicious looking meal. I have seen this before (I think) in Italian restaurants and have never tried it. This is a recipe that I didn't have most of the ingredients for and that's including ANCHOVIES.
I've never worked with anchovies before and I was gagging as I opened the can. It was all in my head. You know when you talk to people who like anchovies on their pizza you automatically think its disgusting because its not the normal pepperoni. 
As you know I never follow the rules. I used sliced kalamata olives instead of pitted (not my fault)! 
In my house, we don't really cook with salt and if we do its very little. When I boiled the water I didn't add salt but I added it in the end, just a dash and some pepper.
This dish was alright. It's lacking flavor. It has flavors of tuna and some spice because of the crushed red pepper. I put such a small amount that I didn't think I would taste it, but I guess that's what it does when we let the flavors out and sautee it with other things right?

made October 7, 2010

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  1. Hello! Congratulations on your new blog. I like the recipe and with your permission I quedosiguiéndote. I'd like you to walk along a little bit on my cake blog.
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