Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner!

Usually on your birthday you would want everything done for you. You would want to get out of bed late or have breakfast brought to you; basically be waited on hand and foot. But not me! I wanted to have a day for me but in a way that I can have my family together enjoying food and each other's company. So I decided to cook for everyone.
I cooked Spinach stuffed chicken. I've made this dish in the past and it came out great. I've been told it was amazing. On my birthday it didn't quite come out as planned. It was a little dry. It's a great recipe, not too difficult to do, a little time consuming. (This happends alot with me because of my novice chopping abilities) Things I'm sure will come out better and be less time consuming as I cook.
I came by the recipe on foodnetwork.com when I searched for spinach and chicken. I was in the mood to have something for the most part healthy. This recipe says that you should cook the chicken in a skillet. I cooked it in a skillet when I made it for 3-4 people and it came out beautifully. But on my birthday, I cooked for about 8 people so I changed it around a bit and baked the chicken at 375degrees. I also have never used mushrooms because some people in my family don't like them. All in all its a great tasting meal!

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