Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Got Sole?

Easy Stuffed Filets of Sole
Fish isn’t on the top of my menu of things I enjoy eating, but because of my goal to finish all of the meals in this book, I had to make it some day. I work at a catering hall and we serve stuffed sole often. I’ve never eaten it before and I thought it would be interesting to make.
The substitution for this meal was wheat bread for the bread crumbs instead of white bread. I also used tilapia only because we didn’t have sole in the house. I wouldn’t recommend tilapia, it was thick and short which made it hard to roll but it works. I think sole is longer and thinner making the process easier. The sauce that goes along with it kind of evaporated so each person didn’t get a good helping of it but there was enough.  It didn’t have a side (none of the recipes do) so I accompanied it with cherry tomatoes and green beans. I’m not very good at sautéing the right flavors into these vegetables. I used oil garlic and chopped red onion… Help?
I had leftovers of the meal and brought it to the head chef at work. He said it was really good and flavorful. There was lemon zest in the bread crumbs which made it taste great and fresh. After this I wanted to try all kinds of fish!

made on September 2, 2010

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