Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello Bloggers!
My name is Christina. I've decided to start blogging about my "creations in the kitchen." I'm starting to cook because I enjoy it and the idea to blog about it came from the movie Julie and Julia. I didn't grow up watching cooking shows or I haven't really idolized a specific chef, but I want to learn and I thought cooking my way through a cookbook would be the best way to get started. I have been baking for fun. I do it any chance I get for birthdays, holidays or any special gathering my family has. I usually get complimented on my baking. This just encourages my hobby. I like to make healthy meals or find ways to make things healthier but I try to keep it flavorful and delicious at the same time so you don't know you are eating healthy.
I will post pictures and comments about the recipes I have been through. I'm using The Best Simple Recipes created by America's Test Kitchen. If you would like a recipe or have any input on other tecniques just comment and I'll get back to you. I would love to share!
I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has towards cooking or if you would like to share experiences (good or bad) I would love read them! Trust me you will read ALL of mine.
Of course there is a deadline to completing these recipes and its August 20, 2011. That's my next birthday. I started tecnically on my birthday this year but I'm not cooking everyday. I'm going for once a week. I may cook one or two recipies in a day, depending on the amount of time I have.

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