Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Hungry...

Skillet Tamale Pie?
Good answer!
I created this tamale pie on August 27, 2010. I thought it looked just like a Shepard’s pie and I wasn’t too excited for the results. But when I saw that the ingredients contained jalapenos I was excited to try it. I like flavorful food so to me this meal was great with the fresh cilantro too.
It’s pretty easy to put together. I think what took the most time was the chopping, like always. In the store I couldn’t find minced canned chipotle chiles in adobo so I used ½ of a long hot pepper. It came out amazing. There was a zing to the taste but not overwhelming to the point it was annoying to eat. The recipe calls for ground beef but I used ground turkey instead. It fed about 5 people with seconds. Its good for a big crowd
I really want to make this again. I give this recipe 2 thumbs way up
I had fun making this mess with my friend and since I cooked she did the dishes. Good team effort! I used her kitchen like I did my other friend and thought "I could go kitchen to kitchen cooking for people and they can just clean up!"

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