Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you come over to cook dinner?!

This was an interesting day. I started cooking out of this cookbook for the goal of completing in one year all of these recipes and learning something by the end. crazy idea to some but to me, an experience. My friend actually called me to come over just to cook. it was odd request but an oportunity to begin this crazy idea and open up the cookbook I'd just bought. So I asked what he would want to eat and he said "how about chicken parm?" I looked through the book to find the closest thing to chicken parm there was.
Parmesan Chicken with cherry tomatoe salad was really good. Basically instead of just breading the chicken and cooking it in a skillet then laying the cheese over it to melt it, adding a bed of pasta and sauce...
This chicken is breaded just like that but with the bread crumbs I mixed in grated parmesan cheese and it came out juicy. There was no sauce and instead of using cherry tomatoes I used the little yellow tomatoes. I don't know if they are called yellow cherry tomatoes but thats what I refered to them as! I would maybe add sauce for all those non-tomatoe eaters out there (myself included)
I don't have the exact date that I started this but it was in the second week of August 2010. I used my friend's kitchen and had fun :)

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